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Startup Delayer 1.7

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With Startup Delayer you can speed up Windows' boot: when Windows boots, it loads at the same time a lot of programs (ie: Antivirus, firewall, office quickstart bar, mouse manager, messenger...): this puts an high overwork on the hard disk (it has to read simultaneasly from totally different parts of the disk) and this saturates Ram and CPU (launching a new program is often resources expensive).

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98 / 2k / Me / XP / 2003
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It's easy to understand that, in this way, boot is really slow.

With Startup Delayer instead you can set a delay time beetween the launch of every program to avoid overloading the system. You can choose how the program's window will appear (maximized, minized, hidden, normal) and set a different priority to the progam (low, below norma, normal, above normal, high, realtime).

Startup Delayer can also be used to load every programs you want when you want: do you want to connect to the internet and open all the programs you'll need? Easy: for example you just have to click on one icon to make Startup Delayer do all this: open the firewall, the internet connection, the email client, the browser, the news feeder... You'll have the full control of what you want to be loaded.