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WallCooler VPN 2.1.283

file size: 31.75 MB

WallCooler VPN makes remote working easier than ever: access remote files, applications or network resources from anywhere.

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Monthly fee
Trial Period:
14 Days
XP / 2003 / Vista
Support URL:

All Windows based applications are supported no need to use special applications or synchronize files: MS Outlook, Remote printing, Windows File-Sharing, Windows Remote Desktop or Remote assistance, etc...

Easy to install, simple to use and very fast to run.

WallCooler is a secure and powerful VPN solution, and more:

  • access office computers from anywhere
  • access home computers from the office
  • access remote LANs and local networks at the same time (no need to switch)
  • no server or specific hardware required
  • remote computers or servers are accessible by name (DNS/NetBIOS) or IP address

WallCooler is bi-directional and works with existing firewall & router settings (No need to configure your corporate firewall or routers).