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Liar's Dice 1.0

file size: 2.25 MB

Liar's dice is a modern version of a classic strategy dice game.

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Trial Period:
10 Days
XP / 2003 / Vista

Bid higher than the last player, or call "Liar". When you can't do eitherbluff, but don't get caught!

Test and improve your skills against the computer, or other players online.

Liar's dice includes a free trial, so download it today.

Liar's Dice is a strategy dice game played with up to ten players. Players can only see their own dice, but take turns guessing the total number of dice with a given face. In most rounds, aces (dice with one spot) are wild and count as dice with any other face. Each guess or bid must be larger than the last bid. Instead of bidding, a player may challenge the last bid by calling "liar". All players then show their dice and count the dice matching the last bid. If the total does not include at least the number they bid, then the last bidder loses one die. Otherwise, the challenger loses one die. The game continues until a player wins by being the only player with any dice left.