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King Solomon Web 1.1

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Can you organize your web site?

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Yes, with the new KSW tool. KSW generates the framework, the hierarchy and the index, for a well organized, easy to navigate, web site. Unicode/UTF8, designed for all languages. WHAT DOES IT DO? Two things: 1. It creates the hierarchy/index frame of a new or existing site (analogy: a Help window). Users need not write any code, work is all drag & drop. 2. It updates the hierarchy/index structures whenever users update the site. Most tasks have been automated - but when users need to change the hierarchy/index manually, that's again drag & drop. In short, KSW generates the framework for a well-organized web site, plus it maintains it with every site editing session. Integrated site search (Unicode, feature-rich) is scheduled for an upcoming release soon, as a free upgrade. Put your knowledge base on the web! KSW is ideal for publishing a large collection of documents (a knowledge base, or KB) on the web. WORKING EXAMPLE: KSW was used at One can get a complete image of what this tool can do just by visiting its site. KSW is also used as a personal repository tool. A personal/secured web can give access to one's own knowledge from anywhere. We all have in the back of our mind the need to categorize our knowledge. But how to put it - organized - on the web? KSW came as a solution that works and is not expensive. KB PUBLISHING FOR ALL: With today's technology, creating a web page is not much different from creating a Word document. Now KSW requires no programming as well. That takes the absurd requirement of KB programming connaissence out of the way, and anyone, not just programmers, can present organized knowledge on the web. In fact, we ARE programmers, and still use KSW - writing code every time you reorganize a web is simply too much work. (Inspired by the wisdom of King Solomon, the name of the product refers to making one's knowledge available to others, through the world wide web.)