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Avira Premium Security Suite

file size: 32.68 MB

Avira Premium Security Suite protects you in a very comprehensive way against the dangers of the Internet.

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Trial Period:
30 Days
2k / XP / Vista

It offers you numerous additional features over the virus protection offered in the AntiVir Premium Edition. In addition to AntiVir Premium, the Suite includes an integrated firewall that wards off attacks such as DoS attacks (Denial of Service attacks) or port scans, spam filtering to help you manage the complex attacks on your mail box and a backup function to ensure the safety of your data.

The advantages of the Suite: - AntiVir: stops all types of viruses, - AntiAdware/AntiSpyware: eliminates adware and spyware, - AntiRootkit: against hidden rootkit threats, - AntiPhising: proactive protection against phising, - Enhanced AntiSpyware, - AntiDrive-by: prevents the downloading of viruses while surfing the Internet, - RescueCD: create a bootable emergency rescue CD, - Enhanced email protection, - AntiSpam: filters out unwanted emails, - Firewall: protection against hackers, - Automatic GameMode: uninterrupted game play, - Back-up-System: configurable data backup solution, - AntiBot: prevents dangerous bot networks, - Fast on-line licensing activation during installation.

NEW: Version 9 adds: - A redesigned user interface. - Quick Removal: eliminate viruses at the click of a mouse button, - Netbook Support: for laptops with low resolution screens, - Optimized WebGuard: protection against malicious websites, - Parental Controls: block websites unsuitable for children, adolescents and adults based on user profiles.

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