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HVC Color Composer Professional 1.4.2

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Master Colors HVC Color Composer Professional plug-in for Adobe Photoshop generates, at light speed, mathematically harmonic and proportional stunning color combinations that work perfectly together.

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It is an intuitive color selection tool that will save time and money. HVC stands for Hue, Value, and Chroma. Based on a method for identifying colors based on their color (hue), intensity (value), and its saturation (chroma), the HVC Color Composer plug-in makes selecting colors much more intuitive. Whether you're creating original art or designing for print or the Web, HVC Color Composer will give you an amazing array of complementary color choices.

Once added to Photoshop, HVC Color Composer lets you select colors based on the contrast of a color relative to another color, you set color contrast values in the modified Color Picker and then HVC Color Composer builds a palette of colors. Its creation of palettes of complementary, adjacent, and contrasting colors is very logical, and the resulting palettes are stunning.

The artist specifies the contrast parameters using your Target Color as a reference point. The HVC Color Composer generates three types of palettes:

    *Auto-Range palettes generates a color palette with four levels of contrast
    *Range lets you produce a palette of colors of any specified numerical distance from one or more Target Colors.
    *Proportion is based on two Target Colors, where you select a ratio, such as 1:2, 1:4, etc., to create a palette of colors with the same contrast ratio from the Target Colors.

HVC Color Composer quickly generates combinations of colors that work perfectly together. Additionally, Master Colors HVC pigment-friendly color space delivers colors that are in a gamut that all printers can hit.