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Nessy Tales 1.0

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Animated reading books to help improve children's reading, vocabulary and listening skills at home.

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NT / 2k / Me / XP / 2003 / Vista
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Follow Muggins, Jim and Nan in their comical adventures! Nessy Tales are structured with a limited vocabulary, while retaining a vivid storyline. The careful choice of graded words provides vital reading practice at the beginning stages of reading but the story content is suitable for a slightly older age group who may have fallen behind. These interactive books can act as a vital bridge between listening and reading. The animations provide visual entertainment and motivation.Reading ability 5-7 years (key stage 1), age appropriate content up to 12 years (key stage 2). Nessy Tales are particularly suitable for reluctant readers or those with special educational needs. Download the first book for free! Additional books available for a great low price.