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Evolution File 1.7

file size: 4.31 MB

Your business stores its strategic electronic documents (such as .doc / .pdf / .xls documents or others) on a network?

Trial Period:
360 Days
98 / NT / XP / 95 / Vista
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Files stored on networks "evolve". This evolution, to which this software's name refers, is an inherent risk for information transmission within the enterprise. With Evolution File software, actors of the enterprise can create a customized observation of any network file modifications (creations, modifications, deletions), and be directly notified of these modifications by Evolution File software through e-mail forwarding. Self-administration: each user defines their own file/folder observation preferences with regards to the network file system organization of the enterprise. Observed files and folders are selected with a tree view file browser, where each node can be checked (with a simple check box) in order to put the corresponding file/folder under observation. Users can observe any accessible file (including read-only access) which is of interest to them.