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BackUpMyFolder! 1.2

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AddOnMail launches BackupMyFolder!, the first FREE easy solution to backup your Outlook folders.

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XP / 2003
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With an user friendly interface and a scheduling engine, BackupMyFolder! lets users select only Outlook folders that really need to be secured and backed up. BackupMyFolder! Highlights: - Select only folders or subfolders you want to backup just by right clicking - Schedule and control the hour of your backup. At scheduled time, backup will be performed even if Outlook is currently in use OR closed. - Only folders/messages that have changed since the last run are processed ("differential backup") - You can choose either to create one archive for all configured folders or select different archives. - One tree-view to check last backup results - Runs with Outlook 2000, 2003 and 2007 ! ... And a lot of other possibilities. - Global configuration or per folder/sub folders settings - Option for excluding attachments - Scheduling and control of your backup - Full PST backup or folder level backup - One archive file or a per-folder different file - Differential backup: only messages that have changed are backuped - Web page history with 10 last runs