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ScaleOut StateServer 4.0

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ScaleOut StateServer (SOSS) from ScaleOut Software creates an in-memory distributed cache across a server farm or compute grid for storage of mission-critical information.

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With its breakthrough technology, SOSS is the perfect way to ensure highly available and scalable cache storage of session state or application data for enterprise class ASP.NET applications.

SOSSs unique architecture combines the best attributes of a partitioned cache for scalability, a replicated cache for high availability and local read caching for lightning fast performance. All these benefits are available in a single configuration. SOSS is fully integrated and automatically self aggregates, detects failures and self heals.

A wide variety of configurations are possible, including remote client access for dedicated caching and a GeoServer option that allows you to synchronize two or more geographically separated ScaleOut cache farms.

For session state storage, SOSS provides a transparent highly available and scalable alternative to sticky sessions or out of process solutions such as a database or ASP.NET StateServer. Complete and intuitive APIs are also available, making SOSS a perfect choice for caching any serializable application data.