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ShutdownPlus TSE (Terminal Server Edition) 7.0

file size: 10.16 MB

ShutdownPlus keeps your computers secure, reliable, and maintained so you don't have to.

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30 Days
NT / 2k / 2003
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ShutdownPlus TSE is designed for customers that want to automatically log users off and restart their terminal servers. It also cleans up user sessions by deleting temporary and temporary Internet files, it can auto-save open documents at logoff, and can run any program at logoff.

Don't just Shutdown...ShutdownPlus!

Benefits Puts terminal servers on a reliable and standardized automatic restart schedule Automatically disables logons when users are gracefully logged off More powerful, thorough, and reliable than running a script Delete temporary files, temporary Internet files, cleanup cookies, save open documents, lock the session screen after idle time Prevent administrators from accidentally restarting or shutting down a server. Site (enterprise) licensing is available.