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Dekstrus DNE Desktop 2.0.38

file size: 46.70 MB

The Dekstrus DNE Desktop is an advanced desktop and information management application.

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30 Days
2k / XP / Vista
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It has six main features:

1.Multiple desktops incorporating drawing tool functionality to turn any desktop into a modeling tool as well. Use your desktop not only to access what you know, but also to plan what you are going to do with it. 2.The twelve-panel knowledge navigator to let you display and access all information on a particular task at the same time by opening your tree structure at twelve branches at once. No more clicking up and down your folder structure every time you need a different file. 3.Ability to visually organize files between up to five topics at once. 4.Subdocument management for all Microsoft Office files to let you micromanage access to and use of passages within Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio (and Adobe Acrobat) files. Each subdocument opens the source document directly to the selected passage. 5.An internet manager that records topic-specific histories, and makes it easy to organize web pages in your regular knowledge structure. 6.Save and recall configurations functionality on all these features. Lay out your information as you want it for a task, and you can return to that configuration at any time, either to facilitate multitasking now, or to pave the way to restarting a task weeks or months down the line.

The Dekstrus DNE Desktop not only helps you manage your knowledge, it also helps you to manage what you do with it.