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VisBiz 1.0.1

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CY Innovations Pty Ltd welcomes you to VisBiz, the ultimate visual business information and data management system for use at home and in small to large business or projects, featuring the original RealFS Relational File System.

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60 Days
XP / 2003
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One of the greatest obstacles to proper business and project management is the lack of control of the avalanche of electronic data being created every minute of the day. In a 21st century business, the sheer volume and reliance on this information is reaching crisis point. Having solved your disk storage problems, how do you now control the creation, access and visibility of the underlying information? How do you undermine the temptation and popularity of the C:My Documents folder? These problems intensify as the size and diversity of your business and project teams increases. VisBiz offers you a set of innovative tools to help you manage your electronic information and allows your business or project to have the fullest attention of its most important person - you. VisBiz is a clever software application which runs on either a single Windows computer or over a network. VisBiz provides you with a suite of practical tools and systems to manage the visibility and controlled access to your underlying business or project data.