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DataPro Standard OBD-II J2534 ELM 327 Diagnostic Software 14.1.16

file size: 2.38 MB

Datapro works with any J2534 Pass Thru Device or ELM 327 based scan tool.

Trial Period:
15 Days
2k / XP / Vista
Support URL:

DataPro is the ONLY all-inclusive program to give you real-time data acquisition and real-time/post processing that is so easy to use.

Diagnosis: DataPro will provide you with the ability to scan and interpret your vehicles Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) so you can determine the problem before deciding to make your own repairs or go to the expense of a mechanic. With DataPro, you can:

Read diagnostic trouble codes Automatic & manual lookup of DTC descriptions Print a dated DTC report with user-configurable header and footer Clear DTCs on your vehicle Read freeze frame data O2 sensor test Vehicle readiness test

Performance: Edges easy-to-use program allows you to choose what data you want to track, logging up to 8 separate parameters. Then, at the push of a button, you can display and analyze the chosen data in single or stacked bar graphs, scroll graphs, or dash gauge displays, viewing up to 3 datasets simultaneously on the same graph for easy comparison.

Log, analyze, and save performance data from any of the vehicles supported sensors, such as MPH RPM Air Flow Air Temperature Engine Coolant Temperature Manifold Air Pressure Throttle Position DataPro Dyno (Feature coming soon in a free upgrade) DataPro Drag Strip (Feature coming soon in a free upgrade)