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Real Estate Investment Analysis Software by GreyStone Analytics 2.1

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GreyStone real estate investment analysis software takes the complexity out of real estate investment analysis while offering an extensive suite of analytical, presentation and research tools.

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Whether you're an experienced real estate professional or an individual investor evaluating rental property financials for the first time, GreyStone real estate investment analysis software gives you the tools you need to make your real estate investment a success.

Through a user-friendly menu system, GreyStone gives you access to a wide array of key financial metrics (up to 30 years) for real estate investment analysis. Simply enter property data (such as purchase price, rent, loan rate, etc.) and the program automatically generates investment outputs including NPV, IRR, ROI, Cash Flow, Cap Rate, Resale Analysis, and much more. GreyStone's Monte Carlo simulator and risk analysis tools help you understand the upside and downside potential to your investment.

GreyStone also gives you access to real-world market data to help drive your assumptions. What's the average rent in your zip code? What was the average annual increase in rent over the last 10 years? How does this compare to the national average? GreyStone provides all this information and more at the click of a button.

And on top of all the analysis tools, GreyStone generates professional-quality investment reports you can take directly to your clients, lenders or partners.