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Snip-It Pro

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Snip-It Pro is a code snippet organizer with features designed to make you more productive.

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30 Days
98 / 2k / Me / XP / 2003 / Vista
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It provides a single place to store all your favorite sql queries, JavaScript functions, helper classes, regular expressions, xml configuration, html blocks and useful code you find online. Snip-It Pro has two windows: the Snippet Toolbar, which docks to the side of your screen allowing you to drag and drop snippets to almost any application, and the Snippet Explorer, which allows you to configure snippet details and edit preferences. The snippet explorer supports syntax highlighting for many popular languages and even allows you to print the content of your snippets. Snip-It Pro lets you store your snippets where you want. Put them on a network share and your entire team can use the same snippet collections. Import and Export snippets and send collections of snippets easily. Even put your snippets on Snipplr and share them with everyone. Version 2.0 of Snip-It Pro introduced many new features including support for snippet templates. This allows you to define placeholders in your snippets, which can be replaced before use. Another new feature is global hot key support. You can now assign your favorite snippets a global hot key which will insert your snippet into any application. Another new feature is auto commenting. This feature can automatically add comments above your snippets that indicate a unique searchable ID, the reference url, the current user and the date time when a snippets is used. When you copy snippets from the web, Snip-It Pro automatically tracks the url where it came from. Snip-It Pro is now integrated with Snipplr, an online community for sharing code snippets. With Snip-It Pro you can view all your favorite and shared snippets as well as publish snippets from your local collections directly to Snipplr. Other features of Snip-It Pro that have always been there include clipboard Monitoring. Snip-It Pro monitors the windows clipboard, saving text that is cut or copied from other applications, and Integrated Search: Snip-It Pro allows you to run multiple searches, creating search folders with your results. Snip-It Pro is available as a fully functional free 30 day trial and can be purchased for only $39.95. Try it Today!


.NET Framework 2.0 or higher.