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XP/VS Terminal Server 1.0.146

Turn Windows XP, Vista, Small Business Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 (without TS Role) into a full-blown Terminal Server!

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14 Days
XP / 2003 / Vista
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Adding Thinstuffs XP/VS Terminal Server software to a Windows workstation enables you to establish an unlimited number of RDP connections to it. This turns your Windows workstation into a complete Terminal Server and enables cost effective Server Based Computing. Cost savings in your IT infrastructure Deployment of Thinstuffs XP/VS Terminal Server enables cost savings in licensing, hardware, service and support. Thinstuff XP/VS Terminal Server provides even more! Additional features which make XP/VS Terminal Server a really complete Terminal Server: * Enhanced Application Compatibility: Compatibility Mode for older applications which are not Terminal Server enabled (e.g. change user /install, ini file mapping, registry mapping, etc.) * Domain Authentication: Authentication of Terminal Server users in a Windows Domain * Shadowing: Mirroring of RDP sessions for support purposes * TSX USB: Thinstuffs TSX USB is a revolutionary software solution that enables access to any USB device remotely over network or internet from Virtualized Desktops, Terminal Services or any other PC. The following features are fully compatible with Microsoft RDP6 clients and therefore do not require any additional client software (from Q1/2008): * Application Control: Access to specific applications can be restricted to designated groups or users * Remote Programs (Seamless Windows): Remote Programs offer seamless integration of specific applications into the clients desktop just as if they were local, instead of publishing the complete user desktop * Session Broker (Load Balancing): Based on server load values incoming RDP sessions are automatically assigned to individual servers in multiple server environments * TS- Gateway (RDP over HTTPS): Encrypted transmission of the RDP protocol through SSL secured HTTPS connections on port 443 over the internet * TS-Web Access (Web Portal): Access to published applications through a web portal