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Landscape Vision 5.4.2

Using a picture of your own perennials, annuals, trees and more right in your gardens from our award winning plant data base of over 1000 real plant images.

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We have great informative plant bios too. Easily draw walkways, patios and even putting greens. Place gazebos, fountains, lawn furniture and many other outdoor living products just where you want them, then purchase them at our on-line shopping site. Give it a try today! Using a picture of your own home. Drag and Drop Real plant pictures. (Not renderings) . We offer you Perennial, Annuals, Bi-Annuals, Trees, Shrubs, Grasses, Ground Cover, Roses, Cacti/Succulents, and Vines. Our Plant Bios are very informative, you'll learn all you need, like what kind of light your plants need, how large they'll become, soil type and more. The plant data base is sorted by your hardiness zone, so you only see the plants right for your geographical area. You can sort by light types like partial or full sun or shade. Landscape Vision was Voted, "Best Plant Data Base" two years in a row! This award winning info will help you make the right decisions and ultimately the right purchases. You can draw garden beds, and fill them with your choice of mulches. Draw walkways, patios and fill with pavers or stone. You can even draw Putting Greens! This software allows you to easily Drag and Drop images of Outdoor Living Products like Gazebos, Birdbaths, Furniture, Arbors and more. Import your own images.. When your design is complete the software prints a shopping list for you. Take your list and go shopping for the Outdoor Living Products at our on-line store LV Green Team. All the plants youve chosen for your design will be on this list, take it to your local garden center and impress them with your knowledge. This software takes the guesswork out of design. Don't spend time and money on other complicated design software . You dont need to. You need an easy application that shows you the possibilities, and that is exactly what Landscape Vision is. With this software you dont have to be a computer wiz. No complicated instructions, no thick manuals, just an easy to use help section with 24/7 tech support where you speak to a live person! Landscape Vision is the best and first gardening tool you should have! Start designing today with Landscape Vision and be the envy of your neighborhood .

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