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MySpeed Server 7.4a

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MySpeed Server broadband testing software enables you to quickly and easily provide bandwidth speed test and VoIP quality test services to your customers and end users.

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2k / 2003 / Vista
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Bandwidth tests accurately measure data transfer speeds via HTTP or socket-to-socket modes. The consistency of the data transfers is reported, a key measure of connection quality. Detailed graphs of all data transferred during a speed test helps resolve connection problems and pinpoint TCP, router or firewall issues that affect data traffic flow. VoIP Editions test jitter and packet loss, reporting VoIP quality and load capacity.

A server-side database logs all speed test results, providing support technicians visibility to end-user bandwidth performance--key information for managing Web applications and help desk environments. The NOC and Support Editions provide advanced features to identify remote customer connectivity problems. As a Java applet, MySpeed is easily incorporated into your own web pages.