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MoveIT Outlook Add-On

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Are you obsessed with your inbox?

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45 Days
2k / XP / Vista
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This might seem like a strange question, but you may be surprised to know how many people waste hours of their precious time checking their email. In fact, the issue of hours wasted on cluttered inboxes has become so common that it now has a name: email overload. Microsoft Outlook Rules and Alerts only work when emails are actually sent/received. As a result, unread emails are often filed directly into their folders, without your knowledge. It could take days before you notice a particular email and your response may be much too late. MoveIT, on the other hand, is a comprehensive email solution that works with all your emails irrespective of which folder they are in or when they were received. Your new emails appear and remain in your inbox until you have read and handled them. Once you have processed them all and clicked on the MoveIT button, all your emails will automatically be filed into the appropriate folders. To use MoveIT you must have Outlook 2000/2003/2007.