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Optomodel 1.0

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Optomodel is a tool for digitising real world objects into a 3D mesh using pictures from a digital camera.

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2k / XP / 2003 / Vista
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3D points are sampled by the user using pairs of images. These points are joined together to create the faces of the mesh.

Images from your camera can be used to create texture maps that can be wrapped onto the mesh or this process can be handled in another software packaged where detailed editing is required.

Meshes are exported in OBJ format for futher editing using any number of software packages. There are several export options available such as scaling, applying mirrors and setting the Z-axis polarity.

Optomodel is a digitising tool and utilises basic editing functions that help the digitising process. As such, Optomodel is designed to be used in conjunction with other software packages that can use the raw data from Optomodel and splice, dice, morph and extrude etc