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Virtual SCRUM Board 2.0

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Virtual SCRUM Board (VSB) is a software tool that helps Scrum teams manage the uncommitted backlog, sprints, stories and tasks.

Trial Period:
30 Days
2k / XP / 2003 / Vista

VSB empowers Scrum teams to fully participate in sprint planning and execution. VSB displays an up to date Scrum Board as team members update story and task statuses. The Sprint Burndown Chart prepared by VSB is automatically updated to reflect latest task estimates. VSB can also print legible story and task index cards. Some of the benefits of using VSB are as follows: Uncommitted and Sprint Backlog is visible and accessible to everyone on the team; Team members can easily and directly add and update task statuses and estimates; The Scrum Board and the Sprint Burndown Chart are always up to date and accessible to all Stakeholders; A history of team effort over time is maintained for future planning and process improvement.