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Filesman 0.99

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Filesman is a software very useful for whom works with very big file lists, such as MP3 files or Midi, and want to keep the file names with certain criteria.

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98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP / 95 / 2003 / Vista

It often happens working with huge file lists, where some files have uppercase words, other lowercase... others again have underscores instead of spaces.

So, with this software you can rename all this files in just few clicks.

Filesman is FREEWARE. You don't need to pay.

With this software you can:

* Multilanguage: now available in English and Italian * Rename all the files in the selected directory * Rename all files in subdirectories * Rename just directories * Upper case after a blank space ( Lucio Dalla - Caro Amico Ti Scrivo) * Upper case after a dash ( Ligabue - Certe notti ) * Upper case all filename ( LIGABUE - CERTE NOTTI ) * Lower case all filename ( ligabue - certe notti ) * Convert underscores in black spaces * Optimize black spaces: when "-" is found, it changes to " - " * Minimize blank spaces: when " - " is found, it changes to " - " * Modify file attributes * Rename or delete a single file * Rename just selected files: filter on file extensions or other, using wild chars. * Multiple file selection * Sort function for numbering. * Numbering of files. The number of digits can be set, and also the offset. * Remove any numbering present in file name. The number of digits to remove can be set. * Add any sequence of characters, blank space, dashes.

* Remove any sequence of characters * Convert files name to 8.3 format (DOS) * Checks against dangerous operations in systen directories, like Windows folder.. * Save options in registry. * Possibility to remove all software keys from registry. * Rename files starting from the content of a text file that contains a list of file names. * Undo function * Print file list, with requested options * Show file properties selecting the function from popup menu * Extremly fast: thousands of files renamed in less than one second.