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ITSBITS Job-1 Services Monitor

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Job-1 is designed for the IT professional whose first job is to keep a group of servers up and running.

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30 Days
XP / 2003 / Vista
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If that's you, you've just found a really big helper...and we promise not to break your bank the way some folks try to do. This tool is named Job-1 because we understand that keeping those critical machines up and running is just that--Job-1.

The core of Job-1 is a services monitor. You install Job-1 on a server and then configure Job-1 to check the status of your critical services (as examples, SQL Server or your IIS web server) on that computer at a preset interval--say every two minutes. When a monitored service stops, Job-1 will send emails to up to 3 email addresses to let you know what's happening.

If the service restarts, the same 3 email addresses are told about that.

If the service is still down after a time interval that you define, it will email up to 3 escalation email addresses to let them know about the problem.

The Job-1 desktop version runs under a User ID and simply runs on the desktop. But the Enterprise and Small Business Server versions also store their latest results set at a single point in your enterprise--on a web server that is accessible from the internet. The Job-1 Server Monitoring Service should be loaded on that machine, too. This service will look at the current results sets it has and if one is "expired" it will send emails to let up to 3 email addresses know about that problem. Laterit will escalate, too.

Two websites are included in the services versions. One of these is for a normal browser, i.e., IE, and the other is for a PDA or SmartPhone. Using these two websites, you can easily check the status of a large number of machines that have Job-1 running on them.

Often you'll know what's wrong before the users even start crying. And at $99.95, the cost won't leave you crying.