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M3USync 1.0.5

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M3USync let you synchronize your M3U playlist files with your USB portable MP3 player.

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XP / Vista
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To work correctly, the files of your MP3 player must be accessible through the explorer (does not work with iPod).

Features Music folder organization on your MP3 player can be different from your hard disk. The file synchronization is done under the specified target directory only, the other directories (My Pictures, My Videos, ...) on your MP3 player will not be touch. The files name can be prefixed with number to keep the same order on your MP3 player. Before deleting any files, the program will always display the name of the files and it will ask you to confirm. You always see what happen, the current file name and the number of MB copied is displayed during the synchronization. At any time, the synchronization can be stopped by clicking on the "Cancel" button.