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Advanced Windows Unattended Installer 2.3

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Experts do not recommend manual Windows installation.

NT / 2k / XP / 2003 / Vista

The work of Advanced Windows Unattended Installer results in a distribution package ready for automatic Windows and software installation. Besides, Advanced Windows Unattended Installer can create bootable CDs/DVDs. Such disks can be used as a rescue means after a system crash. To completely restore the system, you will only have to insert such a disk into the CD/DVD drive and configure the BIOS to boot from this device. The system will be restored in less than 40 minutes!

Advanced Windows Unattended Installer is very useful for system administrators who maintain many computers. AWUI can automatically install software sets remotely via the local area network. Thus, you do not have to visit each computer personally in order to update the software, you can completely delegate it to AWUI!

Unattended Windows and software installation. AWUI will automatically install all the applications you require, either onto your original computer or onto a new one. It's an ideal solution for rebuilding your systems quickly! Create a stand-alone unattended installation CD! You can use AWUI software to create a universal disk for automatically installing software onto a computer using any media (CD/DVD/Flash/Hard Drive).

One great feature in AWUI is that it does not require any special knowledge. You do not have to know how to write any scripts. I have created several DVDs that automatically install WindowsXP together with the necessary software (MS Office, Nero, FireFox, etc.) Service packs and drivers are also installed automatically. Another key feature in the program is automatic software configuration, including WindowXP customization, i.e. you can automatically specify the necessary settings.

Install/Reinstall Windows and ANY Software unattended!