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Live!Doc Personal Edition 1.3

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Live!Doc is a innovative tool that provides a detailed and automatic tracking of the life and evolution of your most important documents, both in your local network and in your personal PC.

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XP / Vista
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Thanks to its integration and close collaboration with Windows operating system, Live!Doc is able to :

1. Automatically backup all the modifications done in your live documents as revisions. It allows recovering them from any point of its history.

Feel free to work in your documents and don't lost their content more!

2. Register all location changes (folder and file name) and continuously provides its current location.

Build live shortcuts to your documents that work always regardless of whether they are moved or renamed and them inside your applications!

3. Detect the existing copies of your documents, considering their when the main document is lost and providing a way to easily remove them.

Keep your hard disk clean of duplicated files !

4. Graphically report statistics on your documents evolution : size changes, modification levels, working time, ...

Live!Doc makes use of a advanced technology to convert single files into meaningful documents regardless of its file name, size or location.