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IMCD Business Backup 3.0

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The tool for business Disaster Preparedness and Recovery

Are you prepared?

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Get immediate protection ...

Back up your business information for use anywhere, any time on any computer.

Know who will need what information and when they will need it - get it to them quickly and easily.

Build a recovery plan without being an expert.

Make independent, usable copies of business information (not just data).

- Employee Lists - Vendor Lists - Customer Lists - Outsourcers and other info - Automatically and easily prioritize who to call and when to call them.

Learn who needs which information

- When they need it - How they use it - How they can keep it with them

Distribute information to those who need it - quickly and easily.

- Send it by email - Store it on flash drives - Put it on handhelds - Put it on your web site - No complex restorations needed

IMCD is a full document control center.

- Link backups to people - Automatically link people to business functions - Let IMCD maintain latest version - Gap analysis: What do you need that you don't yet have?

Document your business operations and time criticalities easily and methodically, guided by IMCD, and include it with your other information.

Collect a general inventory of your equipment (computers, software and other infrastructure elements). Learn and control how your business uses and depends upon your equipment.

Build a comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plan without being a disaster preparedness expert.