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Blueprint for Outlook Professional 2.4

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Printing from Microsoft Outlook has always lacked basic features available in the other Microsoft Office products, and the latest Outlook 2007 has even removed the ability to print a single page or selection of an email.

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Blueprint for Outlook overcomes the limitation of Outlook printing by putting you in control with a suite of useful features:

Reduce Printing Costs - Save on Ink and Paper by restoring the ability to select and print a portion of an email message. You can now automatically detect and print the most recent response in a email history.

Save Time and Increase Productivity with Quick Buttons by performing repetitive or complex printing operations in a single click - Choose to print the whole message, latest response, or just the first page. Choose to print specific attachment types. It's up to you. For extra control, you even decide the name and icon for the quick button.

Control Print Layout - If you don't like how Outlook presents your printed emails, use Blueprint templates to control the layout. Apply your corporate identity to printed emails by adding Headers and Footers including your company logo or protective markings. When printing Contacts, you can also include the Contact picture.

Autoprint messages - Blueprint for Outlook Enterprise edition provides automatic printing of incoming/outgoing messages and attachments. Choose to only autoprint the first page. You can also choose to include/exclude specific attachment types in print jobs.

Blueprint for Outlook also provides a useful quickprint attachments feature, which allows you to highlight multiple attachments and print them all out with one click. In addition, you have the option to allow Blueprint to control all the standard Outlook printing controls, providing a seamless integration into Outlook.