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Integard Home V2.0

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Integard is an award winning internet filter that protects your children online.

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Trial Period:
30 Days
7 / 2k / XP / Vista
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Integard will protect your children from inappropriate websites and alert you to suspicious activity that may be cyber bullying or predators. Comprehensive features and reporting lets you control and supervise your childrenís use of the internet. It supports multiple users with different levels of filtering, links to Windows accounts, supports custom allowed and blocked lists, screenshots, protects your personal information and much more.

Some of the features of Integard are:

Web Filtering: Integard can give you a one page snapshot of what your kids have been up to on the internet. Integard knows about Google, YouTube, MySpace, Facebook and many other websites and can give you a report of what they do online.

Time and Data Limits: Integard allows you to specify what times of the day the internet can be accessed. Each day of the week can be set to a different time so you can allow more time on weekends. You can also monitor and limit by data usage.

Activity Reports: Integard can give you a one page snapshot report of what your kids have been doing on the internet. Integard knows about Google, YouTube, MySpace, Facebook and can look for signs of depression, cyber bullying and other suspicious activity.

Chat Monitoring Children love to chat online and make new friends. But they donít always know who they are speaking with and can be too quick to trust new contacts. With Integard chat monitoring you can check what was said and Integard will alert you to any suspicious conversations.

Integard uses dynamic page analysis and a regularly updated database of known websites. For more information regarding Integardís many other features please visit our website and download Integard for a 30 Day Trial.