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MySpy Personal Finance Monitor 3.4.14

MySpy is a digital protection system that protects people's bank accounts and credit cards from fraud and identity theft by delivering digial transaction receipts to the user's cellular phone, email and / or computer.

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MySpy currently works with accounts with more than 225 financial institutions and credit cards in Canada, the US and world-wide. Now, via a common user interface, you can easily monitor all of your digital assets from within one simple integrated package. MySpy is the worlds first downloadable application that protects against personal and corporate fraud and identity theft through continual electronic surveillance of designated financial accounts and the production of real time digital transaction receipts. Unlike other identity theft solutions, users do not need to give up any personal information. Bank account numbers, credit card numbers, Social Security Numbers and passwords are never shared with us. MySpy is the only solution that protects your digital finances, around the world and around the clock.