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IDX Variable Constraint System for AutoCAD 2007 1.0

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The Variable Constraint System provides variational sketching functionality within AutoCAD.

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15 Days
2k / XP / Vista
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It enables geometric or dimensional constraints to be applied that control relationships between drawn objects. Those relationships may be parametrically-driven and include values, variables, or mathematical formulas in relation to other variables.

More specifically, constraints may be applied to unbound lines, circles, ellipses, arcs, splines, points, and specific geometries in two dimensions, or a two-dimensional subspace of three dimensions. It manages distance and angular dimensions that are attached to a variable, whereupon the variable may be a value or formula.

A fully constrained drawing can then be quickly modified to create several variations. By changing one element, or variable value, the entire drawing may change based upon the constraints applied which enforce the design intent. It is extremely useful for creating families of parts; using mirror images for parts that are updated automatically to mate perfectly with the first part upon changes; or for rapidly achieving design intent; enforcing design rules; or quickly updating entire drawings after red-line comments require changes. Use Serial Number: ZL10-1046-0060-3030 Activation Code: 0388-A8EE-8C97-7013