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CommandCenter 1.0.4

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Built by a system administrator for system administrators, Command Center is a tool to manage shell-based scripts with the capability to remotely run them on any UNIX or UNIX-like host/server with output logs that can be saved and printed.

Major features include but not limited to:

* Create and manage scripts for multiple UNIX/Linux/FreeBSD hosts and servers. * Run any managed script on a UNIX/Linux/FreeBSD target host or server from the comfort of your Mac. * Scripts are shell based which means you can remotely run bash, csh, Perl, Python, or ANY scriptable interpreter as long as the target host supports it. * Remote connections are made using the secure SSH protocol. * Output of script runs can be viewed, edited, copied, appendable, saved in a text file and printed on a printer. * All scripts are stored on your Mac - no more lost scripts or manual script maintenance! * Target hosts and servers can be saved and managed with optional password saving. * Saved Command Center data files can be shared amongst colleagues, backed up, categorized or even edited using a normal text editor thanks to the XML format of the data file.