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TFG4000 Professional Business Suite 1.4.5

file size: 86.57 MB

The TFG4000 Professional Business Management Suite helps you manage your business activities quickly and easily, which increases profits, efficiency and productivity.

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NT / 2k / XP / 2003 / Vista
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With this easy to learn, user-friendly system, you can control cost by monitoring work orders, sales orders, invoices, and purchasing. Fully integrated inventory management keeps your inventory under control. Numerous reports and forms, powerful searches and summaries help you organize and find information when you need it. Built-in help and documentation for immediate assistance in addition to optional security features contribute to greater business control for both products and services alike. Spend more time managing your business not your business software. The Professional Business Management Full Suite includes all seven Seven Integrated Applications listed below. Inventory Management Job (Work) Order Management Sales Order Management Purchasing Management Material Scheduling (MRP) Warehouse Management Maintenance Management