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Secure Info ID 1.0

file size: 8.53 MB

SIID is designed to allow you to organize all of your personal and business data.

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98 / XP / Vista
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Protect it using Government approved AES 256 Bit encryption while sharing only the information you want fast! You can build your personal file by filling in the preset categories* or by creating your own customized tab. In addition to the preset tabs you can also import documents, movies, pics, music and the like to be saved on to your Secure Info ID in a secure or public format. Only you get to decide what information will be available to the public and what information will be private. Secure Info ID is a true plug and play product that can be accessed on any computer without the need to install it first, therefore information can be accessed quickly any where, any time. SIID can even be saved on your hard drive or CD-Rom! In an emergency event (family/pet member is lost, loss of consciousness, etc.), the SIID card can be handed to the appropriate personnel, where they will have access only to the information you saved in the public domain. If you have a friend or co worker that you need to send encrypted files via the internet... SIID will do just that and more, all a few clicks away. To learn about all the features Secure Info ID has to offer log on to * All nicely organized in tabs entitled; Personal Info, Parents Info, Medical Info, Insurance, Credit cards, Passport, School, Pets, Phone Book, Other.