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BlueGem Keystroke Encryption

file size: 3.69 MB

BlueGem Total Privacy Free Edition is free software.

Published by:
98 / 2k / XP / 2003 / Vista

The Free Edition provides an unlimited use keystroke encryption technology for your web browsers BlueGem Total Privacy creates an encrypted keystroke channel between the keyboard chip and the web browser, which creates a virtually impenetrable encrypted data channel right from the keyboard to the web browser. The unique advantages of BlueGem Total Privacy provide: (1) uses a 128 bit encryption algorithm to encrypt every keystroke, (2) NO REBOOT is required, (3) Once a keystroke is encrypted, it is routed through a virtualized data channel and is decrypted at the browser. (4) It provides protection deep in the kernel level against extremely stealthy malware. This technology is widely deployed by numerous global corporations and used as a key transaction security protection due to its powerful encryption technology and ease of use.