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CyberFence 1.5

file size: 14.83 MB

CyberFence is the only software that blocks over 500,000 pornographic videos from playing and editing in PCs or transferring through email or IM (Instant Messenger).

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7 Days
XP / 2003 / Vista
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Frequent and automatic CyberFence updates assure ongoing protection from pornographic videos being launched on the Internet today and tomorrow. Exclusive CyberFence features also prevent pornographic movie files from launching through a USB connection or CD. Your cunning teen cannot get around CyberFence, since it blocks up to 90 percent off all videos circulating on the Internet today. CyberFence also generates Reports to Review and Track Usage: Your kids might say they were "only on for ten minutes" but CyberFence will not lie! Adjustable Controls for Time Online, Restrictions and Chat prevention: Easily allot free computer time for your kids and then CyberFence will shut them off when their time is up or homework needs to begin. Or, keep chat features off when they are suppose to be using the internet for homework. You have control. Monitors and Records Internet Activity: History cannot be deleted, even if your tech savvy teen tries every trick. Intuitive interface and quick, easy install complements the free email, online and phone tech support.