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KallOut: Selection-based Search 0.9.5

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KallOut is a brand new way to search using only your mouse.

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XP / Vista
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Imagine you're reading on your computer and come to a word or phrase that you want to learn more about. Normally you must stop what you're doing, type in a search and then browse to many different sites to get more information on the topic.

KallOut saves time by enabling you to immediately get relevant videos, images, research articles, blogs and more from the top sites on the web just by selecting text. No typing required.

Just select any word or phrase on any website (FireFox or Internet Explorer) or any Microsoft Office document (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and KallOut does the rest.

We support the top vertical search sites like Wikipedia, YouTube, Twitter, Google Maps, Flickr and all major search engines. More sites are added all the time.

Results open in a small floating window right next to your selection. This saves time and prevents constantly switching between applications or web page tabs.

We're in Beta and love receiving feedback. Let us know what you think by emailing team[a] Thanks!