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RamDisk Plus 9 9.0.3

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RamDisk Plus 9.0 features a host of options while maximizing system performance and utility: 1) Create RamDisk in main memory managed by Windows.

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14 Days
XP / 2003 / Vista

2) RamDisk can also be created from memory NOT managed by Windows including the stubbornly inaccessible memory between 3GB and 4GB on 32-bit systems. RAM disks as large as 63 GB (e.g. Windows XP 32-bit or Vista 32-bit) or 510 GB (e.g. Windows XP 64-bit) can be created! Please read product\\\'s help for complete explanation of this unique ability.

3) A RAM disk\\\'s contents can be preserved across system restarts making it behave very much like a hard drive. Includes full featured management of a RAM disk\\\'s backup image file.

4) Security capabilities: read-only backup images and auto memory erasing

5) Microsoft Certified

6) For servers, it is NUMA aware and configurable.