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DSkinlite GUI Library 1.0.0

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DSkinLite is a powerful library to help you develop the user interface program.

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98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP / 2003 / Vista
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We have worked at UI development for several years, so we always want that there is a library to release us from the bored paint. And we also use dskinlite in our current project, so we will optimize it continually. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. You can also discuss anything about dskinlite or report bug, or suggest new feature at the forum

DSkinLite have several features :

1. It is a \\\"lite\\\" library, because it doesn\\\'t use the method of hook and just replace the window procedure like the SubclassWindow in MFC. So it has less influence to your application. And It will keep \\\"lite\\\" .

2. It uses the xml file to define the gdi resource and describe how to skin a window, so you can construct more ui styles of control very easy. So it separates the interface from the program logic, you can change the skin of application easily.

3. DSkinLite has own optimized image library to process image. The image library is more suitable for drawing, transparent and alpha blend. DSkinLite focuses on the times and the method of drawing,and have high-efficiency of paint .

4. The element of painting is abstracted to line, text, rectangle, and image. You can use those items to\\\"configure\\\" a window\\\'s appearance in the xml.

5. TheDSkinLite bases on win 32 APIs, the so it doesn\\\'t depend on any framework.

6. The adjustment of the hue and saturation. The You can adjust the skin\\\'s color smoothly.

7. Support change skin at runtime, you can also use different style to skin the control at runtime.

8. Support Unicode.

9. Support the transparent control fully, it support all control include a child dialog to be transparent.

10. Support the pop menu fully, include non-rectangle menu window.

11. Support scrollbar of a window, and also support the standard window-scrollbars.