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Prism BI Studio 2.7

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Traditionally, the delivery of high-end business intelligence (BI) depended on large, complex software and IT staff with specialized skills.

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These systems, still in wide use today, require extensive data preparation and query/report coding, and take months to deploy. They are not fast and flexible when new data sources appear or when new requirements arise. This approach frequently results in frustrated business users and a shortage of strategic information when and where it is needed.

SiSense Prisms advanced technology represents an exciting evolution of BI where:

* data preparation and mashups are quick and easy, using visual drag-and-drop tools * new or frequently changing data sources can be easily incorporated on the fly for immediate availability * queries, reports and dashboards can be easily created using visual drag-and-drop tools * interactive reports and dashboards can be instantly shared among any number of users via a central, server-based data repository * there is no need for IT involvement in data preparation, data management or report/dashboard creation * rich, interactive data visualization and drill-down using only a mouse * massive amounts of data can be quickly processed using standard PC hardware, without the need to re-arrange the data, create a data warehouse or design an OLAP cube