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Cam to Scan Lite 2.0

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Cam to Scan is the comprehensive solution for editing photographed documents or images.

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Cam to Scan makes your photographed documents look perfect - just like they have been scanned.

It is easy to start with: Cam to Scan Lite offers the most important functions for optimizing photographed documents - absolutely free of charge! Going further, every higher version offers useful extensions that increase your productivity - up to Cam to Scan Professional that effortlessly copes even with large amounts of photographed objects and runs a unique high-quality optimization on each.

Optimizing an image with Cam to Scan is done in three steps: - Set the outline: Cam to Scan tries to find the outline of an object automatically. If desired, you may manually set it with a few mouse clicks. - Straighten: the item is equalised to take on its original rectangular shape - Adjust the brightness: Cam to Scan detects whether a document is under- or overexposed and corrects it accordingly.