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10PCs-in-1 61.09

file size: 1.97 MB

10PCs-in-1 turns one Windows system into 10 Windows systems all on the same driver letter and in the same partition as your original system.

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Trial Period:
15 Days
2k / XP / 2003 / Vista

This is not multibooting. It enables you to Clone your entire Windows system with a drag and a drop as if it was a single file. Then you have two Windows systems to choose from. You can switch between them with a double click. The PC then reboots into your chosen Windows system. It is like having 10PCs and one power plug. You can ring fence your mission critical Windows system. Have a dedicated Internet system. Have a dedicated Games system for better performance. Have a test system to try out new software in without compromising your main system. It turns a one room studio into a 10 rommed mansion for your applications. It makes Windows into a disposable razor. If it stops working who cares? Switch to the next system. Each system is less likely to crash and performs faster because it carries a smaller application load. Truly you get 10 PCs in one box. Buy one, get 9 free with 10PCs-in-1.