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Calculator for Science Students 1.7

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This is a very useful calculator for science students.

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The system comprises a scientific calculator that can calculate molecular mass, and from this main calculator over 80 other calculators and science tools can be called.

These include a measurement converter, an area and volume calculator, a triangle calculator, a molar mass calculator, a % and proportion calculator, an event timer and an angle converter. Over 70 specific equation calculators can also be called to solve for any variable in the equation.

Tables can be called for common constants, symbols, formulae, derived quantities, Greek alphabet and Roman numerals, polygons, logic operations, common cations and anions.

A glossary stystem contains over 200 science terms, and also tools to help remember science terms.

A note pad area keeps a record of calculated results. A text pad area can be used to develop a longer calculation before cutting and pasting into the calculator. A number of drop down lists will also write information into the text pad area.

The calculator is designed for ease of use and will readily run from a USB.