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3D Model Viewer

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3D Model Viewer for Windows (D3D9):

3D Model Viewer is a simple application which lets users to load models fast.

Published by:
NT / 2k / Me / XP / 95 / 2003 / Vista

It currently supports DirectX (.X) and Wavefron OBJ (.OBJ) models and textures (.DDS, .BMP, .JPG, .TGA etc...). It also has builtin Wavefront OBJ to DirectX converter.

Model Viewer contains many useful features like Polygon Reduce Tool, Model Sstatistics, Easy Lighting, Scene Setup and more (read features list bellow). 3D Model Viewer was developed to make 3D Artists friendly software for easy and fast analyzing and viewing of 3D models. Features:

* Support of DirectX and Wavefront OBJ Model Formats. * Wavefront OBJ to DirectX format converter * Support for most common image/texture types (DDS, JPG, TGA, BMP) * Using DXUT for GUI and Settings Dialog - user friendly interface * Easy to use and practic camera solution * Quick and simple lighting setup * Easy scene setup, easy environment rendering * Quick Colored Rendering * Wireframe (textured) rendering mode * Model Optimization Mode * Model Data Providing (polygon & vertices number, path) * Polygon Reduce Tool * Use of Shader Model 2 and DirectX 9 Technologies