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Movavi iCopy 1.0.9

file size: 7.18 MB

Movavi iCopy is an absolute must have backup tool for your iPod media library: transfer iPod videos, music, podcasts, and playlists to iTunes, copy iPod content to PC.

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No batch mode: only one selected file is transferred at a time.
2k / XP / 2003 / Vista
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With Movavi iCopy there's no risk of losing your media collection - enjoy music, video, and podcasts on any computer you like.

Here's what you can do with Movavi iCopy:

* Copy iPod media files to iTunes * Transfer iPod content to any PC - fast and easy * Move media content between multiple iPods * Enjoy your media files on any PC - at work or at home * Get all your iPod files automatically organized by playlists * Access all this functionality through an intuitive, straightforward interface

Movavi iCopy works with all iPod models: iPod Touch, iPod Classic, iPod Mini, iPod Nano, iPod Video, iPod Shuffle.

Why back up your iPod?

While Apple's iTunes is by all means a reliable iPod file manager, the whole media library may be at risk when you reinstall the operating system or buy a new computer: the next time you sync your iPod with iTunes, the latter may delete everything on your iPod! Back up iPod music and video first. Better safe than sorry.

How to move iPod media files between computers?

In today's world of techno-goodness, one computer is absolutely not enough. Especially when you need to get home first to reach the iTunes and to listen to your favorite music. No need to wait any more: with Movavi iCopy you and your iPod can feel at home with any PC - whether it's your laptop or your colleague's desktop.

Get Movavi iCopy today and get the most out of your iPod!