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Quant Station 1.3

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Quant Station platform is a comprehensive online trading & technical analysis platform that offers customers access to advanced charting features, a high- performance real-time data system and quality news from Dow Jones all on one single program.

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2k / XP / 2003 / Vista
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Developed in C# with .NET Framework 2.0, Quant Station platform is a Windows Desktop trading program that offers advanced features and tools to help customers make informed trading decisions based on market activity.

Tools and features available from Amigo Quant Edge and Dow Jones

* Single platform to monitor all asset classes bonds, foreign exchange, energy and commodities and the issues that affect equities holdings and trades * Advanced real-time charting * 70+ real-time technical Indicators * 20+ technical objects that help identify supports & resistances * Custom Indicators in .NET C# * Real-time Watch List to monitor market activities * High-performance data feed system handles up to 2 million FIX messages per second * Support market data feed from top online US brokers and data vendors, helping customers not to double pay for market data * Fully customizable to interface with a customers existing systems and data feeds * Developed on Microsoft .NET technology that supports multi-cores and multi-processors

The following brokers and data vendors are supported

* Interactive Brokers * Velocity Futures * MB Trading * OpenECry * OpenTick * IQFeed * NxCore (high end data service from DTN) * Yahoo! Finance (Delay Intraday data) * Google Finance (End of Day data)

More brokers and vendor support will be available soon