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Install Discovery 1.0.1

file size: 3.41 MB

Install Discovery for Windows XP, Vista, and 2003 Server.

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30 Days
XP / 2003 / Vista
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(x86 with Admin Rights)

Installing a software application on your PC does a lot more than copying an .exe to your hard drive. The process typically results in changes to critical components of the operating system that can affect the PC's stability. Install Discovery reports changes to files, folders, and the Registry so that you know what actually changed, and it does this fast, accurately, and with no learning process.

No Learning Curve There is no learning curve. All you need to do is "right click" and Install Discovery will take care of the rest. There is no need to have a Wizard guide you through the process. There is no filter for you to specify or edit.

Real-Time Monitoring Install Discovery monitors software installation in real-time. It is the most natural and effective way to track the details of the entire installation process and the related Windows Installer services. Since real-time monitoring means no time-consuming pre- and post-installation snapshots. It eliminates the need for snapshot comparisons, it is fast.

Small Foot Print Installation reports created by Install Discovery are small and self-contained, saving space on your hard drive. This is because there are no cumbersome system snapshots to store or manage. This compact installation report is fast to mail, print, compare, and review by support personnel.

Precision Tracking Install Discovery only monitors and reports the changes made by installation software and Windows Installer Services. In contrast, snapshot-based installation tracking usually contains unrelated activities from unrelated process. The difference is precision.

Indirect Setup Discovery Today's software installations often result in the addition of unexpected files. Install Discovery traces the activities of all execution files (.exe) launched by the installation process and records any derived installations, providing more complete discovery of the results of the installation process.