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The Open Auction 1.0

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The open source solution to help you manage your Auction.

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98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP / 95 / 2003 / Vista
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The Open Auction is an excel spreadhsheet, specifically designed to help you plan and execute your auction. It has been created with non-profit organizations in mind. It's only requirement is MS Excel.

The Open Auction consists of several worksheets; each one designed to manage a different part of the auction process. The systems helps with the following areas:

* Manage vendors and their donations. * Manages attendees and paddle numbers. * Records bids on live auction items. * Records bids on silent auction items. * Manages raffle items, 50/50 draws, and cash donations. * Generates invoices for checkout. * Controls Expenses. * Generates auction items lists and silent auction bid forms. * Generates thank you letters with results from the auction.