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BlogBridge 6.7.0

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BlogBridge is designed for people who need to follow many blogs and rss feeds.

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10.4 / 10.5 / 10.6

If all you do online is read the front page of the NYTimes, follow the Red Sox, and read DailyKos then you probably do not need Blogbridge. But if you read five or ten papers, a dozen or more blogs, track multiple projects, get lots of email alerts or newsletters, if you follow news about clients, industries or companies, if you run marketing, PR, fundraising or political campaigns as well, BlogBridge could really make your life a lot easier.

Blogbridge lets you to stay up to-the-minute on what you need to know whether that is the latest in proteomics, aerospace, encryption, ebay auctions, celebrity gossip, movie deals, or stock prices. If you need to follow specific topics in computer sciece or law, or trends in art or real estate..if you are a collector or if you run a retail business, if you teach a class, engage in research, train employees, or provide professional services, then Blogbridge can help you stay on top of your discipline and interests and actually give you a competitive advantage.

If you are not using Blogbridge now, consider the fact some of your competitors probably are.

So save yourself a few headaches. Get all those emails updates out of your inbox and into a feed reader. News and information is increasingly shared through RSS feeds so why not use a terrific aggregator that will grow with your information needs no matter what computer or operating system you have now or plan to switch to, one that holds on to your collection of feeds and gives you access wherever you are, whatever computer you use.

Blogbridge gets more powerful and interesting with our regular updates. And best of all? Blogbridge is free!


Mac OS X 10.4 or higher.